The vineyard

The fantastic abilities of Nature

On south-facing hillsides overlooking the Mediterranean, with more than 300 days of sunshine per year, bathed by the breath of the Mistral, we find one of the rare places on earth where it is possible to produce a homogeneous wine, sublime, year after year…

Our Provençal vines are ecological and we make it a point of honor to maintain and improve the vines without any form of chemicals. It requires many years of experience and know-how to raise the vines of this terroir, made of slate, clay, mica… and very little topsoil.
All this also requires a lot of attention and vigilance.

Black grapes for red wine and rosé

  • Grenache has little acidity. It is ample and has tannin. It brings aromas of white pepper, licorice, redcurrant, cherry, blueberry and prunes to the wine. It gives the wine body, a relatively high alcohol content, elegance and warmth.
  • The Syrah, known for its aromas of red fruits: cherry, wild currant, blackberry, but also violet. It gives the rosé character with fine tannins and enhances the tastes of aromatic herbs, black pepper, licorice, truffle, vanilla and tobacco.
  • The Cinsault has a finely spicy style. It is very fresh and has a strawberry scent. Despite its lightness and elegance, we perceive the fat and roundness of the grape.
  • The Mourvèdre is rich in aromas of ripe fruit: raspberry, blueberry, but also cinnamon, truffle, leather and rosemary. It is velvety and has a magnificent coat. It is said that Mourvèdre should preferably “see the sea” and have a lot of sun.


White grapes for white wine

  • The Rolle releases fresh aromas and gives body to the wine. It reveals the taste of apple, pear, peach, flowers and citrus fruits. Despite its lightness, it gives off a powerful and sustained taste.


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